Homemade Congestion Relief

This homemade congestion relief recipe contains just a few natural ingredients and is a very effective remedy for colds, allergies, sinus problems and relief from catarrh. It can be applied to the face and chest to relieve symptoms of blocked airways, much like many of the over the counter products that are available.

The eucalyptus helps to loosen phlegm, the peppermint increases nasal airflow and the tea tree has anti-inflammatory effects, making this balm a very effective homemade congestion relief.

Start by gently melting the beeswax in the double boiler. Once all the wax has melted, add the coconut oil a little at a time, stirring in until the mix has all returned to a liquid. Remove from the heat, add 30 drops of organic peppermint essential oil, 30 drops of organic eucalyptus essential oil and 15 drops of organic tea tree oil.

This recipe will result in a dilution rate of just over 4% essential oil to coconut oil making it quite potent and it is only suitable for adults and children aged 15+, as always make sure you do a patch test to ensure there are no allergies or side effects from any of the oils in this balm. For younger children refer to my dilution table and dilution guidelines for children and adjust accordingly to suit the age of the child that this balm will be intended for.

Once the essential oils are added, stir well and transfer into a glass jar for storage and allow to set at room temperature. Store in a cool dark place to preserve the shelf life of this balm.

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