Homemade Shaving Cream

There are many shaving creams and gels available off the shelf, however most of these contain chemicals and harmful ingredients and we put this on our faces and bodies, often daily. This homemade shaving cream recipe contains a few natural ingredients and also has the added benefit of being soothing and moisturising.

You can add some essential oils as fragrance and also for their healing properties, for example Lemongrass has antifungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which makes it a great treatment for acne prone skin and is a perfect essential oil to add to this shaving cream. Tea Tree is another great choice that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. I will list a few essential oil combinations that I recommend at the bottom of this recipe.


100g Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
100g Organic Shea Butter
30g Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil
Double Boiler 
Glass jar for storage
Essential Oils (optional)


The 2 main base ingredients in this shaving cream are coconut oil and shea butter. Coconut oil is rich and moisturising and melts into sensitive and dry skin, soothing irritation and healing, it contains antioxidants and has antibacterial and anti ageing properties and been proven to protect the skin from sun damage. Shea butter is also widely used in the treatment of hair and skin, it is rich in vitamins A, E and F and also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to moisturise and heal dry and cracked skin. I have also added some Virgin Olive Oil which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

Begin by gently melting the shea butter in a double boiler, then add the coconut oil and olive oil and continue to heat until the mixture becomes a liquid. Remove from the heat and stir well to combine the ingredients. You can add essential oils at this stage if you wish or you can simply transfer the mixture to a jar for storage.

This cream will take quite a while to set and is best kept in the fridge for a longer shelf life, at room temperature it will remain quite runny which is perfect consistency to use, if kept in the fridge it will set quite hard but becomes runny again when applied to the face and body, however I recommend removing this from the fridge half an hour or so before use.

Shaving Cream
Shaving Cream

Essential Oil Recipes

Men’s Blend

  • 8 drops lemongrass essential oil 8
  • 8 drops bergamot essential oil 8
  • 4 drops ylang ylang essential oil 4

Women’s Blend

  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops rose essential oil
  • 4 drops jasmine essential oil

Soothing Blend

  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 6 drops myrrh essential oil
  • 4 drops frankincense essential oil

Cooling Blend

  • 16 drops peppermint essential oil 6
  • 4 drops tea tree essential oil 4

Citrus Blend

  • 10 drops wild orange essential oil 10 
  • 6 drops bergamot essential oil 6
  • 4 drops lemon essential oil 4

You can experiment with other essential oils of your choice, always do your own research when using any essential oils and ensure to work at safe dilution rates, especially for use on the face or in younger adults and children. The amount of essential oils in this recipe will result in a dilution rate of less than 0.5%. Always carry out a patch test with any product that you use to ensure that no reaction occurs.

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