Lemongrass Essential Oil Blends

Lemongrass has a fresh citrusy aroma and makes a great mood elevator and anti-depressant, when combined with other essential oils it works well as a top note scent and alone is very powerful for mood enhancement, meditation, relaxing a cluttered mind, reducing anxiety and dispelling depression, when blended with other oils we can create some very potent combinations for the therapeutic use.

Here are 5 of my favourite Lemongrass essential oil combinations and blends with suggested uses, however essential oils have many medicinal properties so these are just suggestions. You may find that you wish to use these blends for other purposes, researching the oils in each blend will help you gain an understanding of their properties and possible therapeutic uses.

These blends are perfect to put in these small roll on bottles to store and use when needed.


Lemongrass – 30%
Bergamot 20%
Sandalwood 50%

Balance Emotions

Lemongrass 30%
Patchouli 20%
Sandalwood 50%

Elevate Mood / Relieve Depression

Lemongrass 30%
Frankincense 20%
Cedarwood 50%


Lemongrass 30%
Bergamot 20%
Ylang-Ylang 50%


Lemongrass 30%
Rosemary 40%
Patchouli 30%

You can adjust the number of drops according to the amount of carrier oil you use. For dilution guidelines when using carrier oils with essential oils, see this table and check the recommended dilution guidelines for children if intended to use on younger adults, children or the elderly.

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