Home Made Sun Cream

We all need exposure to the sun but moderation is also important, the sun gives us vitamin D that helps our immune system and we also receive light codes that upgrade our DNA, but too much exposure can lead to sun burn that can be painful and damaging to the skin.

Many of the sun creams available off the shelf however contain toxic chemicals and nano particles that can get into our pours and cause health problems.

This home made sun cream contains no harsh chemicals, is just as effective as those that you can purchase and is relatively cheap and easy to make.


The amount of zinc oxide required depends on the SPF that you desire for your sun cream, coconut oil has some natural SPF and other oils can also be added that have different levels of SPF such as carrot seed oil. For this recipe I will be using zinc oxide to provide the desired SPF.

It is important to purchase non nano zinc oxide, this means that the particles of zinc oxide are not so small that they can be absorbed into the skin and can not get into open pours, unlike most off the shelf sun creams. The reason that larger manufacturers use nano zinc oxide is so that the sun cream does not appear as white when applied as the particles are much smaller. Doing this shows how big companies put marketing over health and they choose to ignore the health implications in order to provide a more desirable product.

To calculate the amount of zinc oxide required refer to this guide

2-5 SPF: 5% zinc oxide
6-11 SPF: 10% zinc oxide
12-19 SPF: 15% zinc oxide
20-30 SPF: 20% zinc oxide
30-40 SPF: 25% zinc oxide


Add 100g shea butter, 100g coconut oil, 30 drops Jojoba Oil and 30 drops Vitamin E oil to a double boiler and melt into a liquid.
Remove from the heat, add 30 drops Lavender essential oil and 30 drop Eucalyptus essential oil and stir well.

It is important to only use essential oils that are safe for use in the sun. Some essential oils, mainly citrus are photo-toxic which means that they can cause burns when applied to the skin and exposed to sun light.

Now add the zinc oxide, referring to the guide above and stir in with a spoon, working any lumps out of the mixture using the back of the spoon, if using a large amount of zinc oxide it does tend to clump together at first at the bottom so it may take some time to work out these lumps but it will combine after some stirring.

Pour your mixture into a glass jar, allow to cool and then place in the refrigerator to set, you can store it in the refrigerator to give this cream a longer shelf life and it should be good for around 6 months stored this way.

Apply liberally as you would any sun cream when sitting for prolonged periods in the sun.

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